Property Management

Efficient, effective, and catered to your exact requirements.

Taking the guesswork out of keeping your investment profitable

Maximizing opportunities.

Assam Companies is your expert in maintaining your investment to ensure that you are maximizing your return. With decades of expereince in both financial analytics, and tenant engagement and retention, we have an approach that combines both profitability assessments, as well as tenant quality and compliance.

Commercial Management
Even after helping fill your space, our team of experts will directly interface with your tenants to help them make the most of their new opportunity, as well as make sure you have the maximum return on your investment. Our team will advise on leases, and aid with helping to create a NNN or gross lease that captures all the key risk areas that owners and operators are exposed to. Beyond ensuring interest protection, our team's "customer-centric" mindset keeps your existing tenants happy, which in turn yields greater returns due to minimized turnover and subsequent downtime between tenants. We help ensure your tenants are successful in their business endeavors so that you can be succesful in yours.
Residential Management
Allow us to make sure that your multifamily investment remains profitable, well-maintained, and streamlined. Our staff will bring the knowledge and know-how to ensure you remain compliant with all rules and regulations, while creating a community that people are proud to call home. Taking into consideration all stakeholders in your acquired communities, we can develop synergies that allow for cost savings that translate not only to you, but to your residents as well. This streamlined and unique approach helps create greater tenant retention, and minimizes turnover which reduces costs overall. More than maintaining your existing tenant-base, Assam Companies is able to conduct lease-up and go-to market strategies for your new projects to help generate positive cash flows as soon as possible after opening. Moreover, with a heavy focus on investment in resident-facing technology, we make the transition from your existing providers to us seamless and convenient.
Asset Optimization
We believe there's always room for improvement. As landlord's ourselves we are familiar with lease terms and clauses that frequently go overlooked and result in missed cost recapture and topline growth. We consistently help landlords add value to their existing portfolio through our reviews and implementation of our standard operating procedures. Our collective background in law and finance allow us to find the seemingly small changes that can be made to add multiples to your margins that matter.